swisscables – fully handmade in Switzerland

Elements that all 4 ranges have in common

We use only first-grade materials and all cables have UP-OCC solid core conductors of latest generation metallurgy and special copper alloy.The wire is manufactured continuous cast which means very, very slowly, just a few centimeters per minute. Already a stressless production is very important!

Then we wrap the wire in a very light natural fibre of about 2 g per meter before the individual geometry is made. Every cable has its own geometry according to the cable length required. No production from rolls as it’s usually done.

After that the wire network is introduced in a flexible tube so that only air is around the conductors. This microdistortion-free air-dielectric is best we can have for a natural sound. And also thanks to the geometry it never happens that both conductors can touch the flexible tube at the same time.

Also very important: no artificial material near the conductors!

And for our premium plugs we use wood wherever possible which is a very good resonator.

No shrink tubes as they influence the sound too.The only exception is for evolution speaker cables for reasons of economy.

All cables are fully handmade in Switzerland!

Characteristic features of the different ranges are not only the dimensions with corresponding geometry but also the connectors improved over the years.

Our four ranges


IC direct, IC protect, IC balanced, IC digital, single wiring LS, jumpers and power cord

The evolution cable design brings

  • a perfect sound with unmatched purity
  • groundbreaking in price – quality


IC direct, IC protect, IC balanced, single and bi-wiring LS, jumpers, power cord and power

  • dramatic enhancement of signal-to-noise ratio
  • reduction in sonic artifacts
  • profound improvement in soundstage depth, definition, transparency and signal fidelity

new Reference Ultra

The new reference Ultra range profits much from the development of Diamond cables.

IC direct, IC protect and IC balanced have a wire treatment of mostly organic components applied on the UP-OCC solid core wire similar to the Diamond conductors.

Speaker cables and power cords have not a wire treatment but the special geometry of the Diamond range. The reference Ultra speaker cables are available in Single and DUO versions.

  • quiet music reproduction
  • fascinating clarity in mid-range
  • deeper, sonorous bass
  • the presentation of the musicians in the sound field is better outlined, more holographic precisely focused

DIAMOND – our high point range and definitively hard to beat!

IC direct, IC protect, IC balanced, IC digital, speaker cable single wiring, DUO single wiring (doubled wire), DUO bi-wiring, DUO bi-amping and power cord

Diamond cables are in fact a boost of the reference plus conductors. Here we have 47 (!) mostly organic components applied on the UP-OCC solid core wire. And this in very precise time intervals over several weeks. An extremely time-consuming production method, then we can only start production six weeks later.

A great input for an incredible output: A highlight for all music lovers. Enjoy the colours of music!

Again more of everything

  • magical quiet music reproduction where the whole field of frequency can be heard completely stressless
  • more dynamic and transparent and remarkably subtile in high frequency
  • fascinating reproduction of voices, especially female voices
  • deeper, sonorous and precise bass