Diamond – our high point range and definitively hard to beat!

IC direct, IC protect, IC balanced, IC digital, speaker cable single wiring, DUO single wiring (doubled wire), DUO bi-wiring, DUO bi-amping and power cord

Diamond cables are in fact a boost of the reference plus conductors. Here we have 47 (!) mostly organic components applied on the UP-OCC solid core wire. And this in very precise time intervals over several weeks. An extremely time-consuming production method, then we can only start production six weeks later.

A great input for an incredible output: A highlight for all music lovers. Enjoy the colours of music!

Again more of everything

  • magical quiet music reproduction where the whole field of frequency can be heard completely stressless
  • more dynamic and transparent and remarkably subtile in high frequency
  • fascinating reproduction of voices, especially female voices
  • deeper, sonorous and precise bass


  • IC direct RCA with WBT nextgen technology
  • IC protect RCA with WBT nextgen technology
  • IC balanced XLR with UP-OCC technology


  • RCA plugs with WBT nextgenTM and WBT- PlasmaProtectTM
  • XLR plugs with UP OCC technology


  • IC digital RCA with WBT nextgen technology
  • IC digital XLR with UP-OCC technology


  • DIAMOND single – single wiring
  • DIAMOND DUO – double single wiring
  • DIAMOND DUO – bi-wiring
  • DIAMOND DUO – bi-amping

All versions

  • banana plugs
  • spade plugs


  • WBT nextgenTM banana plug with WBT-PlasmaProtectTM
  • WBT nextgenTM sandwich spade with WBT-PlasmaProtectTM


  • US plug with UP-OCC contacts
  • Schuko-Plug with UP-OCC contacts