• US plug with 6 US-sockets
  • Schuko-Plug with 6 Schuko-sockets

Convenient for all cables

How does it work?
The body of Swiss walnut in combination with two ebony inlays has a positive effect in order to minimize resonances. Especially under speaker cables and power cords the handy makes all more quiet, more pleasant.

  • Set of 2

unique and unique plus – extremely effective acoustic tuning devices

The unique series of acoustic tuning devices are based on advanced materials, sonic signature research and neutralize a multitude of aggressive and unnatural distortion and resonanceenergies present in audio playback.

The unique and unique plus have especially a remarkable effect under or on top of digital equipments.

The unique plus is 1.8 x bigger and, therefore, more effective than our unique.


  • Unique, set of 3
  • Unique plus, single